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Events are currently listed at the bottom of the home page. The results will be posted here after each show.www.deliciousdavevicious.com & for a special tribute to DDV, please visit www.TFHWrestling.com

Danger-Warning! ECW's "The Original Gangsta" New Jack will be making his first "Assault" appearance in APW vs. ECW's "Baldie" Devito in a special "Bad Blood" Match.

Hardcore Title Match- present champion Frankie Starz vs. "The Unpredictable" Ron Zombie.

Tag Team Challenge, Cold Front vs. Slamdawg & Mercenary.

Ladies Match, involving Trinity H. Campbell, Mercedes Martinez & Sweet Destiny.

From Osaka, Japan PEPSI BOY!!!

"Human Highlight" Billy Reil makes his return to APW.

The "Countess of Controversy" MISSY HYATT makes her debut.

Former ECW TV Champion & current APW World Champion Jason Knight will see action.

Multiple participant "Superfight 3" will take place to determine the number one contender for the Hardcore Title.

Kevin Landry w/ "The Guardian of Chaos" Big Daddy vs. Jeff Rocker.

Special appearance by WWF's BOBCAT!

Main Event "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage, The "Ambassador of Style" J. Wood & "Teen Scream" Kurt Adonis vs. 3rd Generation "Rocket" Fred Curry, Jr., the legendary "Flying" Fred Curry, Sr. & a mystery partner.

Also a special appearance by ECW's "Quintessential Studmuffin" Joel Gertner & a "home town hero" two-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Bob Backlund! 

Autographs with your favorite stars will be held at intermission!! 


For ticket information, please E-mail HPDojo@aol.com or call Jay Ward at 860-985-6981. 

Visit www.jasonknight.cjb.net, www.MissBobcat.com, www.JoelGertner.com, www.MissyHyatt.com

 Results from our last show available in the News section!

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