Who started acid? Thunder a.k.a. the Legend and his long time friend (now Rival) The Juice started Acid.  The Juice wanted to start a hard core Wrestling league that would rock the wrestling community so he  Recruited The help of legendary martial artist Thunder (The Legend to most of his Fight fans and all the ladies), thunder had fought in and promoted many Kick-boxing/ shoot fighting/submission/and other martial art  Tournaments So he knew how to get the ball rolling as far as promotions but he Needed hard-core wrestlers and martial arts willing to do what ever it Took to please the fans.  Juice being a good friend of Bad Attitude Kevin Kelly contacted him and the two of them started to put together Wrestlers that were truly insane.  Juice and Thunder then went to work Out at Body Tech gym in Waterbury CT and found that Jason Knight had Opened the House of Pain Dojo next door so the two of them asked  Knight If he was interested in working with them, well as you all know Jason Night is a true hard core wrestler that loves to push it to the Extreme.  Knight was on board not only as a talent but as the head Booker.  Knight contacted Joel Gertner to assist him in the booking and The two got started on the matches.  Now they needed a name what would Describe the type of wrestling they would bring the public they needed Something harsh, corrosive, dangerous...ACID! Everything was  Great Until the opening show when Thunder wanted to give something back to  The Community and help out his grand master Mr. Chuck Norris by donating Some of the profit to Kick Drugs Out of America (Mr. Norris's Organization to help troubled youth).  Thunder attempted to give a  Check To fellow United Fighting Arts Federation Black Belt and friend Mr.  Phil Zhuta when Juice and his body Guard Juice Box came out and assaulted Thunder by kicking him in the Balls.  Thunder later returned and  cracked The Juice over the head with a kendo shini (wood sword) causing Juice  To Lose his match.  Thunder also promised The Juice after the doctor Releases him (neck injury from serious accident)(as if that could stop The Legend) he would step into the squared circle to face The Juice in Combat.  We will just have to wait and see what happens at the next Show.